The Reminding Etrog

One of the interesting things about the Festival of Sukkot is the strangest of all fruits, the etrog.  Most people would not think of using it for anything other than for decoration.  It is hard to cook with, extremely sour and very, very tough to peel.  So why did Jewish tradition choose the etrog of [...]

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Book of Remembrance 2016

      So as long as we live they too shall live for they   By MADLYN and JAMES AARON Daniel Lorber                                 father Dolores Lorber                               mother Barbara Heimlich Aaron                mother Leslie B. Aaron                              father Samuel Rettig                                  grandfather Beatrice Rettig                                grandmother Luba Aaron                                     grandmother Samuel M. Heimlich                      grandfather Theresa Heimlich                           grandmother Max Aaron                                      uncle Freda [...]

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Heimlich Aaron Essays 2015

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Sisterhood Kugel and Brisket Cookoff!


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Minyan Training

Learn to lead a minyan Rabbi Stanway to lead training session One of the great mitzvot is bringing comfort to the mourner. One way we do this is by bringing the temple to them in times of sorrow during shiva for a loved one who has died. The minyan is an important part of that [...]

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New High Holiday Prayers Music

            The cantor will be using some new music (called modalities) on the High Holidays.  You are invited to learn the tunes with her from these links: Introduction to the Melody Morning Hatzi Kaddish Evening Hatzi Kaddish Torah Service Shma

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“Over 1,000 people EVERY day experience Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) in the United States. Sadly, about 9 out of 10 of those sudden cardiac arrest victims die before reaching the hospital. It is the leading cause of death, by far, for people over the age of 40 in the US. However, statistics prove that when [...]

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My Trip to Israel with NFTY or How I Put the Bat Mitzvah NFTY Certificate to Good Use!

By SaraAnn Yerushalmi Stanway   Judaism is a religion centered on learning. As children, we learn prayers, our Alef Bet, the holidays. As B’nei Mitzvah, we discover the Torah and our own personal faiths. As young adults, we are taught our history as a people, our responsibility to the community. And through it all, we [...]

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Have You Put up Your Parapet?

In the Torah portion for this week, there is a famous verse that reads: כִּ֤י תִבְנֶה֙ בַּ֣יִת חָדָ֔שׁ וְעָשִׂ֥יתָ מַעֲקֶ֖ה לְגַגֶּ֑ךָ וְלֹֽא־תָשִׂ֤ים דָּמִים֙ בְּבֵיתֶ֔ךָ כִּֽי־יִפֹּ֥ל הַנֹּפֵ֖ל מִמֶּֽנּוּ׃ “8 If you build a new house, you must construct a guard rail around your roof to avoid being culpable in the event someone should fall from it.”  [...]

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Selichot 2013

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