The 2015/2016 Teen Academy year was a huge success!  Thank you students, parents and breakfast makers!  Have a great summer!


After Bar/Bat Mitzvah the rabbi offers an informal but serious Jewish study opportunity until Grade 12.  The Teen Academy/Machon Program is a wide-ranging series of classes, discussions and opportunities suitable for early and mid-Teen students.  Subjects may include sexuality, violence, drugs, Jewish ethics, derech eretz, etc.

The classes are divided into two parts.  There is one section for Grades 8-10 and another section of Grades 11-12.  The subject matter is carefully selected for both groups.  Each class meets the same Sunday morning (at different times, of course) about once a month during the school year.  Click here for the Temple Calendar for dates.

To complete the Confirmation requirement and to participate in the ceremony of Confirmation at the end of Grade 10, the student must be properly enrolled and registered in the program from Grade 8 through Grade 10 and the family must be members in good standing at the temple.  They must come to at least 70% of the classes over the course of the three years.

You do not have to be a member family of Beth Miriam to take advantage of this learning opportunity but you must be a member family from bar/bat mitzvah to Confirmation to be part of the Confirmation ceremony.

If you have questions, please contact Rabbi Stanway at  732-222-3754 .