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No Choice

No Choice While Standing (Six Feet Apart) On One Foot April 14, 2020 I am at the point in this pandemic that I need a haircut. SaraAnn wants to experiment dyeing my hair. I don't think I will go that route. Stella is adamantly against it. I lost that vote, for sure. But the truth [...]

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Keep Silent, Simply

While Standing (Six Feet Apart) on One Leg April 13, 2020   Thousands of Americans are dying each day from COVID-19.   No matter how upbeat any politician is, things aren't getting better anytime soon.   We are stunned into silence and each of us is going to pick up the pieces in our own [...]

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Fertile Ground

While Standing (Six Feet Apart) on One Foot Shabbat Pesach April 11, 2020   There is not a lot of good to find in the middle of a pandemic. 20,000 dead, 500,000 ill represents a shared grief on a national scale that will be remembered as pivotal moments in most our lives. The devastation around [...]

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The Perfect Seder

While Standing (Six Feet Apart) on One Foot Pesach Day One April 9, 2020 In Greek philosophy, Plato describes a strange concept that grows more appealing to me every day. It is called the 'world of forms.' Bear with me. You are probably sitting on a chair. It is easily identified as a chair. And [...]

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Feeling Pesach

While Standing (Six Feet Apart) on One Foot Erev Pesach - April 8, 2020   Why is this night different than any other night?   When we ask that simple question, the answer this year can be either, 'Where do I begin?' or 'Oy! Where have you been?!' No one, and I mean no one, [...]

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Cruel Irrelevancy

While Standing (Six Feet Apart) on One Food Erev Shabbat, April 3, 2020   The Israeli Chief Rabbinate just issued a halachic ruling about Zooming on Pesach.  It can be distilled to one word: forbidden.   But, of course.   Their logic, though, is fundamentally correct.  Since no lives are endangered if you don't Zoom [...]

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At Gehinnom’s Table

While Standing (Six Feet Apart) on One Foot April 2, 2020 I am frustrated and angry. There is a well-known Hassidic tale that goes like this: 'What will it be like in the world to come? It is said that evildoers would be punished by not being able to bend their arms. The chasid queried [...]

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Beyond Meat and the Truth

I just read that my go-to coffee place in Canada, Tim Horton's, is doing something they have never done: they are experimenting with the plant-based Beyond Meat product for their sausage.  This means that, for the first time ever, a vegetarian sausage or patty that is supposed to look and taste and feel exactly like [...]

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Unholy Sacrifice

When I woke up this morning, I was hit by the news of the massacre in Christchurch, New Zealand and was revolted.  Forty-nine people dead so far, scores more injured and it would be of little surprise if more died from their injuries.  And, from all accounts, it appears that the one suspect we know [...]

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As We Get Closer to Pesach

Passover is an intriguing holiday. According to Pirke Avot, the collection of pithy sayings collected by the Talmud, Shmuel HaKatan (Samuel Junior) once said that ‘When an enemy falls, be not glad and when one stumbles, let not your heart be joyous.’ This seems to be the very antithesis of human nature. After all, when [...]

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