Thoughts in Elul

This is the month before the Days of Awe.  Called Elul, the Sages saw the name of the month as referencing 'Ani Ldodi Vdodi Li' - using the first letters of the phrase from the Song of Songs as referring to the month of Elul.  And what is this phrase and why did the Rabbis [...]

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White Helmets and Truth

By now everyone who watches the news or reads a paper knows that Israel saved some 98 White Helmet workers and their families from almost-certain death in Syria. Who are the "White Helmets"? Here is the Wikipedia entry: The White Helmets (Arabic: الخوذ البيضاء ,القبعات البيضاء‎ al-Ḫawdh al-bayḍāʾ / al-Qubaʿāt al-Bayḍāʾ), officially known as Syria Civil [...]

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I Will Not Go to My Grave Without Screaming

When I was in Religious School in about Grade 7, we began our study of the Holocaust.  Of course, one of the questions that we raised was 'how could such a thing have happened.'  It was a naive question, I realize now.  Hitler's willing executioners were not the generals and the soldiers.  They were the [...]

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They Burn, We Plant

Do you want to know the real difference between Israel and Hamas?  Once again, Hamas has underscored what all but the most oblivious have known for years: Hamas (an acronym in Arabic but a Hebrew word meaning 'utter destruction') is good only at destroying.  Frankly, I don't expect anything else.  There are lots of theories [...]

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Gaza and Israel

The recent flare-up in Gaza rests on two assumptions: one, that the majority of the world will believe Hamas’ obfuscations, lies and manipulations and, two, that Jews must never fight back.  Only one has proven true.   Everyone knows what Hamas wants.  It is no secret.  The terror group has spoken about it publicly: kill [...]

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Holy Eating

The Torah portion this week (Shemini II) teaches us which foods are permitted (kosher) and which are not.  They are very clear to understand.  They are very easy to follow.  And, they are utterly confusing! Let's start with seafood - appropriate since we live by the ocean.  The Torah teaches that only fish that have [...]

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The Strangest Jewish Holiday Purim is, without doubt, the strangest of all Jewish holidays.  We dress up in masks and go around hootin' and hollerin' (as we used to say in Mississippi) whenever we hear the name of Haman.  We have a carnival and celebrate our salvation from certain demise at the hand of clueless king, Ahashverosh, and [...]

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A Shabbat to Share

This week Beth Miriam will be having a very special Shabbat that comes at a most important time. After the President called countries that foul-laden term which clearly implied that people of color are not welcome in the United States (this was obvious to anyone hearing it despite the  later protestations), we as a temple [...]

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No More Silence

I am disgusted. That is the only adjective I have after hearing what the President said about other human beings based on the color of their skin.  You have heard it all for the past 24 hours.  Over and over again.  Haitians live in a 'shithole.'  Africa is a 'shithole.'  My God, even the newspeople [...]

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Whither 2018 for the soul?

The new year, be it secular or Jewish, is a time of refection and recollection.  Rosh Hashanna is our time to reflect on our sins and the changes we want to make in our souls.  I suppose the same can be said about the secular new year but it seems to me that most of [...]

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