All the Time in the World

While Standing (Six Feet Apart) On One Foot May 2, 2020   I have been correctly characterized as ‘hyperactive.’ It was a huge problem in primary school and It was made worse because, back then, a lot people thought hyperactivity was some kind of intellectual deficiency. (In fact, the school psychologists even gave me an [...]

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The Chutzpah of Kaddish

While Standing (Six Feet Apart) On One Foot April 29   We have all been touched by death in past couple of months. One way or the other it has penetrated our homes and our consciousness. We are subject to daily death counts and the polls of those who are sick. And even though the [...]

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Where Real Strength Lies

While Standing (Six Feet Apart) On One Foot April 23, 2020   It's starting to hit home now for a lot of people. As disastrous as the virus is, I have not heard of too many people who have acquired it in my own circle. That is now starting to change.   I just this [...]

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Comment Ca Va?

While Standing (On One Foot) Six Feet Apart April 20, 2020   The pandemic is having an interesting effect on me. Yes my hair is growing too long...but Stella wants to attack me with clippers. We will see how that goes. Yes, I am reading a lot. (I finally am getting close to finishing a [...]

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While Standing (Six Feet Apart) On One Foot Erev Shabbat April 17, 2020 A little history. Between about 1300 and 1850 the world experienced what is now called a 'Little Ice Age.' It is exactly what it sounds like. Throughout the world there was simply no escape from the cold in places where winter occurs. [...]

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A New Exile

You are all probably familiar with the Chinese expression “May you live in interesting times.”  We live in what are probably the most interesting times that any of us ever have, especially those born after WW II.  We have all heard the words: ‘unprecedented, unreal, surreal’ and so forth.  As Americans, we are simply not [...]

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No Choice

No Choice While Standing (Six Feet Apart) On One Foot April 14, 2020 I am at the point in this pandemic that I need a haircut. SaraAnn wants to experiment dyeing my hair. I don't think I will go that route. Stella is adamantly against it. I lost that vote, for sure. But the truth [...]

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Keep Silent, Simply

While Standing (Six Feet Apart) on One Leg April 13, 2020   Thousands of Americans are dying each day from COVID-19.   No matter how upbeat any politician is, things aren't getting better anytime soon.   We are stunned into silence and each of us is going to pick up the pieces in our own [...]

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Fertile Ground

While Standing (Six Feet Apart) on One Foot Shabbat Pesach April 11, 2020   There is not a lot of good to find in the middle of a pandemic. 20,000 dead, 500,000 ill represents a shared grief on a national scale that will be remembered as pivotal moments in most our lives. The devastation around [...]

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The Perfect Seder

While Standing (Six Feet Apart) on One Foot Pesach Day One April 9, 2020 In Greek philosophy, Plato describes a strange concept that grows more appealing to me every day. It is called the 'world of forms.' Bear with me. You are probably sitting on a chair. It is easily identified as a chair. And [...]

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