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The goal of Jewish education within the Reform Movement is to strengthen faith in God, love of Torah and identification with the Jewish people through involvement in the Synagogue and participation in Jewish life.  Linked to these goals, the programs in the Eisenberg-Bierman Religious School encourage our students to become:

  • Jews who affirm their Jewish identity and bind themselves inseparably to their people by word and deed
  • Jews who bear witness to the berit, the "covenant," between God and the Jewish people through the practice of mitzvot, "commandments," as studied in the Torah and the classic Jewish literature it has generated and as interpreted in light of historic development and contemporary liberal thought
  • Jews who affirm their historic bond to Eretz Yisrael, the "Land of Israel"
  • Jews who cherish and study Hebrew, the language of the Jewish people
  • Jews who value and practice Tefillah, "prayer"
  • Jews who further the causes of justice, freedom and peace by pursuing tzedek, “   righteousness"; mishpat, "justice"; and chesed, "loving deeds"
  • Jews who celebrate Shabbat and the festivals and observe the Jewish ceremonies which mark the significant occasions in their lives
  • Jews who esteem their own person and the person of others; their own family and the family of others; their own community and the community of others
  • Jews who express kinship with K’lal Yisrael “all Jews everywhere” by actively seeking the welfare of Jews throughout the world

Jews who support and participate in the life of the synagogue

Such Jews will strengthen the fabric of Jewish life, and ensure the future of Judaism and of the Jewish people.

It is the policy of Temple Beth Miriam Religious School that our religious school will be the exclusive formal religious education for all of our students.  This is in keeping with the Reform Movement guidelines, as set forth by the Union of American Hebrew Congregations (now the URJ) establishing a clear policy that offers enrollment in Reform religious schools and day schools only to children who are not receiving formal religious education in any other religion.  Therefore, if a child who is a student at the TBM Religious School is being actively and formally educated in two religious traditions, the TBM Religious School will advise the child's parents that they and/or the child must decide to pursue a formal religious education in only one religious tradition.  If the parents do not choose to honor our exclusive policy, the child will not be permitted to remain enrolled in our school.

Highlights of a School Year

  • Maccabee Madness
  • Children's Hannukah Gift Shop
  • Passover Jewperdy
  • Wandering Jew Passover Adventure
  • Lower School interactive Seder
  • 7th Grade Bigs/Littles
  • Interactive Tu Bishvat
  • Whole School Tefilla
  • Music/Choir
  • Madrichim (student teacher) program
  • Family Education for each grade
  • Family Service for each grade
  • Purim Spiel
  • Twice a month Library Visits
  • Jewish Family and Children's Service Tikkun Olam Project
  • Teen Academy
  • Away Youth Activities for all age groups

For a complete list of the school guidelines and policies, please use this link.


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