Grade Three Reflections on Their Service

‘I had fun singing the songs in the practices.  I am also glad I got to sing in front of the school’ – Sadie

‘I liked it when I got to go up by the microphone and read the people’s parts who weren’t there.’ – Daniella

‘I brightened my whole day.  Nothing could come bad!’ – Abbey

‘I felt like there were 500 people.  I was excited and happy.  I was also a little scared.’ – Sarah F.

‘I felt happy and excited about the service because I got to sing in front of everyone.’ – Wendie F.

‘I felt really happy to represent part of the 3rd grade.  I like being on the bima.  I felt brave when I was reading.’ – Max R.

‘I felt proud of going on to the bima and singing and saying prayers.  Everyone sounded great!’ – Olivia G.

‘I felt very happy and excited because I got to sing on the bima and stand near the ark with the Rabbi and the Cantor.’  – Sam B.

‘I like the story of how the chickens turn into goats!’ – Lily C.

‘I feel happy to represent the 3rd grade.  The songs are very fun and catchy.  It waqs fun to watch the audience laugh and smile when we sang “Wherever You Go.”  The songs are easy to catch on to.  I was giggling with everyone else when we ran to attack the challah.  All the songs are catchy and, like I said before, are very catchy.  I enjoy Hebrew school and can’t wait for the next service.’ – Mira

‘At the service I felt a bit nervous but when i said my line I felt a lot braver.  At the end of the service I felt proud of myself and was not nervous anymore!’ – Maya

‘I was thinking that the song “Wherever You Go” was not good but it was ok.  But the other songs are good like “Standing By the Sea” is the best of all that I sang.  Actually it was the only song I sang out of all.’ – Rachel O.

‘I felt very proud when I sang the songs and when I did my part.  I also liked having my family support me.’  – Jacob G.

‘My favorite time of the play was when i read my part of the play.  I felt good about this play!’ – Julia E.

‘I liked when I went up to the microphone and said my part.  I was glad that my family was there.’ – Matthew S.

‘I felt alive to be on stage and to sing with my friends.’ – Jack B.

‘I felt like I was at my bat mitzvah.  I was a little nervous when I lit the candles.’  Gabby

‘I felt that it was fun.  I was a little nervous when I was reading, singing, and when i said my name out loud.  But it was cool.’ – Skylar K.

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