SALTY News for November

We had a large SALTY attendance at NFTY-GER New Member Kallah in September, bringing 19 SALTYites, and now we want to continue the trend and we are working hard to make sure all of our SALTYites can enjoy the greatness of NFTY-GER. New Member was a great fun for all! You can see what some GERites had to say about New Member, as well as our very own SALTY President Haley Peckman, freshman Jake Cameron, and myself, at this link:

Go back in time with NFTY-GER on November 26th! Just a reminder, NFTY-GER Homecoming is on November 26th at Temple Emanu El in Edison, NJ. Homecoming is an awesome event for all members of NFTY-GER and NFTY-GER Alum who are Freshman in College. The event is a themed dance, this year’s theme is prehistoric times. The Dance will last from 7:00pm-10:00pm. This event costs $20.00 or $15.00 with two cans of food to donate, at the door.
Remember no NFTYites are allowed to drive themselves to this event and this rule also applies for GER Alumni. SALTY will be putting together a carpool, so if any adults would be able to drive, please respond to this email.

It’s Time For Another Kallah! Winter Kallah is the third NFTY-GER event of the year. This year it will held at Camp Harlam in Kunkletown, PA from the morning of Monday December 26th until the afternoon of Thursday December 29th. Join NFTY-GER for 3 days of fun, learning, social action, prayer, and creating life-long friendships. This is the longest NFTY-GER event of the year and my personal favorite! Early bird Registration ends December 12th and regular registration ends December 15th, this event fills up quickly and once the bus is full that’s it. To register please contact Jenna Wyatt for online sign-up info at at

* I know this event is sometimes hard for everyone to get to, as it is over winter break and some families celebrate Christmas as well. Although we can definitely make it work for everyone, if you are having this conflict then contact me and I would love to help you come up with a game plan!

If you cannot make it to the this event, have no fear because there are many other events. Below is the upcoming event calendar for the NFTY-GER year 5771-5772:

Hagigah Kallah at Temple Beth Miriam in Elberon, NJ March 2nd-4th

A home hosted event, which we have the honor of hosting this year!

This event is art-focused as well as focused on a wide variety of
other topics. We will release more information about this event soon!

NFTY-GER Elections at Temple Beth-El in Spring Valley NY – April 1st

A day-long event, where the NFTY-GER regional board is elected for
the 5772-5773 year.

Spring Kallah at Camp Kutz in Warwick NY – April 27th-29th

The last event of the NFTY-GER year 5771-5772 and the last kallah
for the Class of 2012.

In case we haven’t met or spoken before I am Jenna Wyatt, the NFTY-GER Representative on the SALTY board for the year 5771-5772. My position is a recently created board position to answer any questions you may have about NFTY. So at anytime, everyone can reach me by email at, or by phone at (570)-647-8502 with any questions or concerns. I would love to set up a meeting with anyone interested in NFTY-GER or to answer any questions whenever it is convenient for you!

Also do not forget to become a member of SALTY, if you are not a member yet, it is never too late and a SALTY membership makes a great gift for every occasion.

Why become a member? SALTY
members often get discounted prices for events, sometimes SALTY members even come for free! Why would you want to miss that?!?!

***Visit this link to register for SALTY:


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