There is a wide variety of Adult Education opportunities. Talmud study, Theology study, engaging guest speakers and presentations throughout the year offer challenging and inspiring learning.

Music fills our sacred spaces. Whether in Shabbat worship or religious school, we invite traditional and contemporary music to fill our hearts and souls. Guitars and piano are found at almost every service but there could also be other instruments that fill our holy spaces with sound.

The Eisenberg-Beirman Religious School is a place of joy and learning. Its teachers and administration are professional, engaged and committed Jews. There are learning opportunities all the way through 12th Grade.

Worship is beautiful at Beth Miriam. The services are soulful, inspiring, and meaningful. Everyone is most welcome to join us for Shabbat and holy day worship.

There are opportunities for teens to continue to engage with the temple well after bar/bat mitzvah. There are youth group activities, madrichim (student teacher) training, Teen Academy study with the Rabbi and other activities that keep teens engaged and furthers their education.


Lost? Woke? Involved? Wondering? Wandering? Connecting? Reconnecting?  No matter what, our doors are open

We are Reform Jewish community which means that we are an egalitarian community where traditional families, LGBTQ people, interfaith families and partners, singles, Jews-by-Choice and anyone interested in finding a sanctuary will be welcome.  We believe that everyone is part of the Jewish future regardless of your background, previous affiliation (or lack thereof), or Jewish knowledge.

Ours is a place of joy and support, sharing, learning, praying and belonging.

Our temple is a place of safety, of prayer, of comfort, of home and of Jewish values, ideals and learning.  We invite you to embrace our community as we embrace you.

A Death in the Beth Miriam Family

Dear Friends,

It is with profound sadness that I inform you that a long-time member of Beth Miriam and a very active member, Mary Beth Nadler, passed away on November 15 in the morning.

She worshipped with us for the last time on our #ShowUpForShabbat and her smile and joy at being with all of us was uplifting and gave us great happiness.

Though she struggled with illnesses in the past several years, she was always upbeat and optimistic.  She loved Beth Miriam and everything about it and she will be deeply missed by so many in our temple family.  We all grieve this day.

As her family is coming from all directions, we do not have any details for a service or shiva.  However, as soon as we have information, we will post it on the temple website.  Mary Beth was a wonderful friend, a good soul, and a gentle presence.  We pray that her soul be bound up in the bonds of life.

Rabbi Cy Stanway

Youth Choir needs you!

Join the TBM Youth Choir! All religious school students in grades 1-12 can sing with us! Rehearsals will be Sundays, November 18 after school and December 2 during school. We will be singing on Friday, December 7 for Shabbat during Chanukah. Email Cantor Marnie to sign up your child:

Religious School Calendar

The new religious school calendar is out for 2018-2019.  Click this link to go the page and download the calendar in .PDF

The Circle of Life

Condolences to Scott Galkin on the death of his mother, Gail Galkin

Condolences to Jill Levchuk on the death of her father, Walter Kreisberg

Mazal tov to Zachary Reisler on his bar mitzvah

Mazal tov to Steve and Aimee Woods on the birth of a new baby girl, Elle. May she live in health until at least 120!
Mazal tov to Jim and Madlyn Aaron on the bar mitzvah of their grandson
Condolences to Sandy Cohen on the death of her mother, Miriam Pilver
Condolences to Dana Galkin on the death of her grandmother, Shirlee Salesky
Mazal tov to Fran and Steve Silver on the birth of their new grandson born on July 20
Mazal tov to Zach and Katherina Weiner on the birth of their new son, Chaiim Ezra, on July 21
Mazal tov to Hank B. on his bar mitzvah
Mazal tov to Bob and Maureen Berman on the birth of their new grandson!
June 13: Mazal tov to Aaron and Kasey Levine on the birth of their daughter, Daire Sterling
June 2: Mazal tov to Ezra L. on his bar mitzvah
April 27: Mazal tov to Marissa F. and Ryan G. on winning the Heimlich-Aaron Award for 2018!
Condolences to Stella Jeruzalmi Stanway on the death of her father
April 29: Mazal Tov to David Meier and Vanessa Rino on their wedding!
April 23: Mazal tov to Sherri Nott and Jon Oglensky on their wedding!
April 14: Mazal tov to Tyler Suchodolsky on his bar mitzvah!