There is a wide variety of Adult Education opportunities. Talmud study, Theology study, engaging guest speakers and presentations throughout the year offer challenging and inspiring learning.

Music fills our sacred spaces. Whether in Shabbat worship or religious school, we invite traditional and contemporary music to fill our hearts and souls. Guitars and piano are found at almost every service but there could also be other instruments that fill our holy spaces with sound.

The Eisenberg-Beirman Religious School is a place of joy and learning. Its teachers and administration are professional, engaged and committed Jews. There are learning opportunities all the way through 12th Grade.

Worship is beautiful at Beth Miriam. The services are soulful, inspiring, and meaningful. Everyone is most welcome to join us for Shabbat and holy day worship.

There are opportunities for teens to continue to engage with the temple well after bar/bat mitzvah. There are youth group activities, madrichim (student teacher) training, Teen Academy study with the Rabbi and other activities that keep teens engaged and furthers their education.


Lost? Woke? Involved? Wondering? Wandering? Connecting? Reconnecting?  No matter what, our doors are open

We are Reform Jewish community which means that we are an egalitarian community where traditional families, LGBTQ people, interfaith families and partners, singles, Jews-by-Choice and anyone interested in finding a sanctuary will be welcome.  We believe that everyone is part of the Jewish future regardless of your background, previous affiliation (or lack thereof), or Jewish knowledge.

Ours is a place of joy and support, sharing, learning, praying and belonging.

Our temple is a place of safety, of prayer, of comfort, of home and of Jewish values, ideals and learning.  We invite you to embrace our community as we embrace you.

Coffee House

The Circle of Life

Mazal tov to Eden Cotler on her bat mitzvah

Condolences to Susan Cooper Costanzo on the death of her father, William (Buddy) Ames

Condolences to Harriet Herer on the death of her husband, Carleton

Mazal tov to Alex Tangorra on the occasion of his bar mitzah

Condolences to Susan Moore upon the death of her mother Sandra Salzberg who passed away November 28

Mazal tov to Isabella Mouta on her bat mitzvah on December 8

Mazal tov to Araiya Casriel on her bat mitzvah on December 1

Religious School Calendar

The new religious school calendar is out for 2018-2019.  Click this link to go the page and download the calendar in .PDF