Temple Beth Miriam welcomes you

The oldest congregation in Monmouth County and the one with the youngest attitude

Beth Miriam is a Reform synagogue filled with tradition as well as creativity. Our mission is to create a holy space for everyone who comes into our Mishkan – the place where God dwells.

This is a place where we invite you to pray, sing, to be intellectually and spiritually stimulated, engaged with the community and with Israel. Ours is a place of joy and support and sharing.

Ours is a place of joy and support and sharing.

Our temple is an egalitarian community where traditional families, LGBTQ people, interfaith families and partners, singles, Jews-by-Choice and anyone interested in finding a sanctuary will be welcome..

The Days of Awe Art Exhibit is looking for you

The debut “Days of Awe Art Show” which will open September 10, 2017 is well on its way to success. BUT we’ll be relying on Temple Beth Miriam members and interested community members, to help make it a reality.

TBM Israel Adventure 2017 now accepting all registrants

The trip to Israel is fully planned and we are now accepting all registrations.  Anyone who wishes to may register.  You do not need to be a member of the Beth Miriam family.  You can read about the trip at this link.

You can download the brochure from this link.

We invite you on this trip of a lifetime!

Days of Awe Page

They may seem far away but the Days of Awe are almost upon us.  There a lots of opportunities for guests, for members to have a part in the service, for visitors to the temple, and so forth.  Take a look at the Days of Awe page and check out the calendar and other important information.

From Around the Reform Jewish Universe

Parashat HaShavuah: Mattot-Ma’sei
Changing the Plan in a Holy Way

” …So may it be for us: when we decide to turn in a new direction, may we consider not only our own wishes, but also the sanctity of our covenant with God, and our special commitments to those with whom we journey.”

Interested in Conversion to Judaism?

Are you interested in conversion to Judaism but don’t know where to begin?  Rabbi Stanway works one-on-one with conversion students and also recommends classes.  There are Fall classes coming up.  You can register from this link.