Who We Are

Welcome to Beth Miriam.  We are a progressive Reform congregation in Elberon, NJ.  We are egalitarian, welcoming, musical and active.

Celebrations of Judaism

Beth Miriam celebrates our holidays and festivals with joy.  We are family friendly and welcome everyone to share these special days with us.

Join Us!

You are always welcome to join us for any program, service, or special event.  Our doors are always open to you and your family without regard to Jewish experience.

Special Events

Throughout the year there are special events like Breakfasts with the Rabbi, presentations, services, and much more.  Check the calendar for upcoming events and make plans to join us!

Celebrations & Ritual

Ritual helps us frame the most significant experiences of our lives.  At Beth Miriam every life cycle event is unique and has deep personal meaning because each life cycle is unique.

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With the Days of Awe coming up fast, you should check this space frequently for updates.  Schedules will be published as well as other information. 

Below is the Yiskor book updated as of August 10, 2022.  Please check to see if your loved one's name(s) are in the book and correct.  If you wish to add names, please contact the office or go to your Shulcloud account and make an addition or change to your Yiskor book entry. 

Schedule of services

Saturday, Sept. 17, 2022 Selichot Service 6:30 PM: Home of Rabbi Stanway

, September 25 Erev Rosh Hashanah 7:30 PM
Monday, September 26 Rosh Hashanah First Day Service
Children’s Service (1-5yrs) 9:00 AM Morning Service 10:00 AM
Tuesday, September 27   Second Day Rosh Hashanah Morning Service 10 AM
(on patio, weather permitting) Dress comfortably

, October 4,   Erev Yom Kippur/Kol Nidre 7:30PM
Wednesday, October 5
Yom Kippur Services Children’s Service (1-5yrs) 9:00 AM
Morning Service 10:00 AM
Afternoon Family Service 2:00 PM
Approaching the Ark 3:30 PM
Yizkor (Memorial) 4:30 PM (approx.)
Neilah (Closing) 5:30 PM (approx.)
(afternoon services on patio, weather permitting)

Yiskor book

The Yiskor book is now an exclusively online item. We will no longer be printing it on paper but, if you wish, you can download and print this booklet. Please check your entries and add or change any names. You can call the office to make changes or, even easier, use your Shulcloud account.

Important info

  • We plan to have livestreamed services throughout the Days of Awe.  The video window will be on this page as well as on the TBM viewer page. The indoor services will be professionally directed and the outdoor services will be with a fixed camera only.
  • We will have security throughout the holidays 
  • You will need to present your driver's license and ticket to the security person.  Though we wish we didn't have to take such precautions, we all know it is better to be safe than sorry 
  • You are encouraged to make a donation to the temple during the holidays.  Please use the donation button on this page to go to the donation page or you can use your Shulcloud account.

Do you want to make a donation with Paypal? You can do so by using this link.

If you are on Shulcloud, our member portal, you can use your portal to make a donation.



Important info

The High Holiday packets that you receive in August by mail will be sent this year by email.  You will be able to access your Shulcloud account to sign up for readings, make a donation, etc.  Please be sure to read through the High Holiday email and do not let it go to junk mail.  


Shulcloud logo

Use this button to enter your Shulcloud portal. With the holidays coming up and all the details around them, the inclination to make donations, religious school and so forth, we make it convenient to enter your portal here:

Go to Shulcloud

What's going on


With the summer winding down, it is time to put down the beach ball and pick up some serious learning.

Talmud study will resume on Sunday mornings when there is Religious School.  It will be LIVE only.  There will not be a Zoom option unless we are obliged to go into full lockdown again because of any infection issues.  Masks are encouraged and optional in the temple.  Please join us. The first class will be on September 11 at 8 am

Theology classes will begin on September 14 at 10 am.  This class will be live and Zoomed as we did for the past couple of years.  We encourage you to join us live.

Torah class will begin September 17 at 10 AM and will be Zoomed only in room 589-198-4173 p/w 181818


Now is the time to register your child for Religious School.  If you have any questions regarding membership or the school, please contact the temple at 732-222-3754.


Havdallah schedule

  • August 20
  • October 22Join us for Havdallah in Zoom Room 589-198-4173 p/w 181818 as we say shalom to the Shabbat and shalom to the new week.

Ready to find out more?

We would love to share the temple with you and welcome you to our community.  Use the link on the right to email us or call us at 732-222-3754

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