There is a wide variety of Adult Education opportunities. Talmud study, Theology study, engaging guest speakers and presentations throughout the year offer challenging and inspiring learning.

Music fills our sacred spaces. Whether in Shabbat worship or religious school, we invite traditional and contemporary music to fill our hearts and souls. Guitars and piano are found at almost every service but there could also be other instruments that fill our holy spaces with sound.

The Eisenberg-Beirman Religious School is a place of joy and learning. Its teachers and administration are professional, engaged and committed Jews. There are learning opportunities all the way through 12th Grade.

Worship is beautiful at Beth Miriam. The services are soulful, inspiring, and meaningful. Everyone is most welcome to join us for Shabbat and holy day worship.

There are opportunities for teens to continue to engage with the temple well after bar/bat mitzvah. There are youth group activities, madrichim (student teacher) training, Teen Academy study with the Rabbi and other activities that keep teens engaged and furthers their education.


Warm, Welcoming, Accepting: This is who we are

We are Reform Jewish community which means that we are an egalitarian community where traditional families, LGBTQ people, interfaith families and partners, singles, Jews-by-Choice and anyone interested in finding a sanctuary will be welcome.  We believe that everyone is part of the Jewish future regardless of your background, previous affiliation (or lack thereof), or Jewish knowledge.

Our temple is a place of safety, of prayer, of comfort, of home and of Jewish values, ideals and learning. We invite you to embrace our community as we embrace you.

Mazal Tov, Heimlich-Aaron Award Winners

Mazal tov and congratulations to our Heimlich-Aaron award winners who were recognized on May 17 during Shabbat service.  This year, the $1000 award was awarded to Olivia DelCuore and two $500 prizes were awarded to Jacob Swartz and Andrew Dressner. 

The Heimlich-Aaron prize is awarded to graduating high school seniors who have distinguished themselves as individuals, as young Jews, as members of the Beth Miriam community and who have shown menshlekeit and commitment.  

To be considered for the prize, each of the young men and women need to write an essay detailing their commitment to the temple, to the Jewish people, and to their own communities.  The award is sponsored by the Aaron Family, James and Madlyn and is awarded annually. The judging is performed by an anonymous committee who judge the essays on their own merit.  

Congratulations to all these amazing young people on their success at Beth Miriam.  We wish them all continued success at college and may their families continue to shepp nachas at their  childrens’ success and may they always feel the joy they feel at this moment.

Activities and Events

Things slow down a bit during the summer but at Beth Miriam there are activities and services and events throughout the summer months.  Beginning on June 21st, the first day of Summer, services will be on the patio at 6:30 PM.  Check the temple website and Elijah each week for announcements of other services, barbecues, and events during the summer.

Sacred Moments



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