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Our Temple community is here for you.

People need different things at different times and Beth Miriam is here for all of them.

When your family is celebrating, we are here to celebrate with you and to make your simcha unique and special.  There is no such thing as a cookie-cutter ceremony here.  When you are planning your simcha, Rabbi Stanway will work with you to make it reflect your priorities and it will be very special.

When your family is mourning, the temple will be there for you.  Rabbi Stanway will meet with your family, work with you to create a meaningful funeral ceremony and will make arrangements with you for minyanim (to have a minyan, you must be a member of Beth Miriam).

Adults and children want to be educated, as well.  There are many opportunities for adult education, Religious School, informal education, and so forth.  Be sure to check the temple calendar for times and dates of all these events.

There are ample opportunities for fellowship and chevrutah. There are breakfasts, dinners, special services, Family Shabbats, High Holiday community services, outdoor worship experiences, barbeques, Festival celebrations and so many other opportunities for sharing and being with friends.  Don't know anyone?  Don't worry!  It's very easy to meet new people here and make friends very quickly.

In all these things and so many more, we invite you to become a part of the Beth Miriam community.  You will soon find this to be a quite extraordinary temple.

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