Days of Awe Art Exhibit

The debut “Days of Awe Art Show” which will open September 10, 2017 is well on its way to success. BUT we’ll be relying on Temple Beth Miriam members and interested community members, to help make it a reality.
The response from the arts community has been fabulous so please help guarantee its success by stepping forward to help!!! Opportunities and volunteer responsibilities are available below:
Marketing Invitations Committee
Market the show including advertising, mailings, PSAs to inform the Congregation and community know there is a show (looking for 2-4 volunteer)
Recruit artists to submit their work for judging
Inform artists whose works are selected after judging day and thank those for submitting whose works weren’t selected
PSAs, invitations and press releases electronically distributed to target groups
Press releases and PSAs to media and cultural organizations, search engines by June
20, July 15 and August 15
Event-Logistics Committee
Food-flowers-décor; prepared foods-donations, secure utensils and plates. Shop food (looking for 4 people)
Event Committee
Prepare written artist’s bios in two reference books for show
Tags with pricing, plaques to be hung below painting with artist/painting name
Hang show September 4/5th (looking for 5-7 volunteers)
Set up reception September 10th at 2 p.m. (looking for 4 volunteers)
Set up and break down and clean up for opening night reception
Show opening reception September 10th at 5 pm (looking for 6 volunteers)
Serving wine, taking coats, welcoming attendees, answering questions and assisting with sales of the paintings
Please Contact David Nussbaum , either by phone or e-mail at
E-mail: Telephone: 732-245-8488