Listening Campaign Update

We Listened!

And we are happy to share with you the first two initiatives that emerged from our Listening Campaign.

After examining all of the data from our project, a group of themes emerged. We decided to focus on the areas that resonated with the most congregants.

Many people shared a passion for social justice. They would like to band together and use their collective voice to impact social issues. Judy Berg will be organizing a meeting of the congregants who expressed an interest on Sunday, October 22 at 10:30 AM (NOTE THE SLIGHT TIME CHANGE) at the temple. Of course, every congregant is welcome to attend, even if he or she did not participate in the Listening Campaign home meetings. If you plan on attending, please email Judy at

Many congregants shared a desire to nurture our temple and greater community through food. This may include a cooking class, or providing meals to our congregants. Lori Goldstein will be organizing a meeting on Sunday, September 17 at 9:15 (NOTE THE SLIGHT TIME CHANGE) at the temple. If you plan on attending the meeting, please email Lori at
We felt that these themes would be a good place to begin. If the groups work well and the participants find them meaningful, we can tackle other themes that were shared at the home meetings.