Prayers for Healing

89069fb885ec42f0d4567200773fc9d8When someone is ill, it is comforting to the person and to their family to have a word of prayer said in their honor.  It brings strength just knowing that the temple truly cares.

At each worship service, we say a special prayer – the Mi Shebayrach (May the One Who is Blessed, bless us).  The prayer for healing follows after the mentioning of the names of those who are ill.  We will mention the name of the ill person for several weeks at each service and be a part of the community that prays for their renewed strength and health.

To let the Temple know the name of the person you want mentioned, please call us at 732-222-3754 and let the office know the person’s name or you can email the front office.  You need not be a member of Beth Miriam to have the name mentioned and you are most welcome to our regular services if you especially want to hear the person’s name mentioned.