Profile of Lori Goldstein, Guide of the Listening Project

TBM Listens: Our First Hineynu: It’s Our Turn Project
A Profile of Lori Goldstein
To understand, one has to listen. These are the requirements for a dialogue designed to build a promising future. As well, finding out what moves people is done by searching out new opportunities and chances. Lori Goldstein is ready to listen and understand. A third generation member of Temple Beth Miriam, Lori is very involved in congregational life. She was the president of Sisterhood, on the Board of Education, and currently sits on the Executive Board of Temple Beth Miriam.
For a few years, she wondered how to best identify the wants and needs of congregants. A new project has made it’s way to Temple Beth Miriam, called Hineinu. Hineinu’s goal is to build a strong future for the congregation by giving each congregant the chance to speak their mind and be heard.
The Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) successfully conducted a listening campaign at 5 congregations. The result was the identification of a deeper understanding and relationship within the community. Lori Goldstein saw a chance for our congregation to get involved with the URJ project, and along with congregants Judy Berg and Joanne Edison, discussed bringing the campaign to Temple Beth Miriam.
The TBM Listens Campaign is currently running from October through end of January. At each meeting, a host welcomes a small group of congregants to their home, and a facilitator will ask three key questions. These questions are designed to identify their views on the congregation’s future, and to identify opportunities, wants, and needs. A note taker will gather all information so that the results can be evaluated and put into action.
Through this campaign, interests, wishes, and concerns can be identified, and a strong future for the congregation can be developed. For Lori Goldstein, it is important that the synagogue is not made of programs, but of people. TBM Listens is a precious opportunity for each individual congregant to be heard and to be a part of building a strong congregation for a strong future.
Katharina Weiner