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Kishrei Halev is a program developed and sponsored by the Social Action Committee of Temple Beth Miriam to engage its Bar and Bat Mitzvah students in the process of social action in order to instill a sense of our responsibility as Jews to view the world with a keen and questioning eye, seeking to bring justice or righteousness or peace or healing or instruction or skill to people in need.  We call this Tikun Olam; fixing the world.

Students are assigned an advisor to help them on their journey as they select and carry out a social action project based on something they connect to, something from the heart.   Indeed, Kishrei Halev means connections of the heart.

The advisors of this project give of their hearts as they work with the student and family.  They act as mentors and guides, leading their students to use this opportunity to lay a strong foundation for the growth of the students own social conscience

The Kishrei Halev program is important for the families of Temple Beth Miriam.  It provides a great opportunity for our young members to make valuable connections – to their Jewishness, to their communities, and most importantly to their hearts.  Please let me know if you would like to become a part of this project by becoming an advisor or by helping me with the logistical parts of the work that is needed to keep this love strong.  There are many things that you could and we would love to have you be a part of this very successful Social Action program.

Kishrei HaLev Projects by our Students

Ilana Goldman: Camp Oakhurst

Olivia Boser: Feeding the Hungry
Michael Hall: Teaching Baseball to Autistic Kids

Alex Ivey: Confronting Domestic Violence
Aaron Pingitore: A Bench for Shirley

Lauren Harris: Jewelry for Music
Will Kashdan: Special Olympics

Erika Friend: Artful Smiles
Alexandra Cros: Healing the Burns

Haley Peckman: Giving it my best shot
Max McClelland: Pet Adoption Day

Carly Goldstein: The Cool School
Max Gillet: Reading for Fun

Ian Hipschman: Serving the Community with a Full Heart
Sara Gerstein: Bingo with the Elderly

Matthew Hall: Serving the Elderly
Dylan Zohn: Growing Love

Zacharey Egner: Adopting a Storm Drain
Daniel Freidman: Reading Buddies

Derek Moore: Recycling to Save the Planet
Noah Goldstein: Saving the Wolves

Max Korn: Pet Therapy
Josh Feldman: Connecting with Seniors

Bryce Peckman: Saved – Animal Shelter
Josh Braiman: Pyjamas for Kids

Darrian Moskowitz: Nationwide Support through surgery for Kids
SaraAnn Stanway: Mother’s Helper for Siddurim

Andrew Costello: Teaching computer skills to seniors
Joelle Rosen: Tents for Haitians

Brianna Coben: Care for Pets
Ben Green: Prevention First in Ocean Twp

Noah Chomsky: Toys for the Valerie Centre @ Monmouth Medical Center
Brooke Fromkin: Bracelets for Cancer Awareness

Kyle Moore: Raising Awareness for Immunization
Jen Glickman: Wag-On Rescue Inn

Leanne Zeigler: JCC Nursery School
Samantha Graff: Baskets for Babies

Jonathan Krantz: Feeding the Hungry in so many ways
Carly Fiest: Monmouth Medical Center Thrift Shop

Kylie Katz: JF&CS Food Drive
Max Fiest: Ecological Greeting Cards

Sydney Beson: Large Print books for Elderly Readers
Daniel Zucker: The Pyjama Project

Scott Gillet: Soccer fundraiser for Meningitis Research
Jacob Vernick: Volunteering at the Wayside School

Leah Rosen: Tikva Odessa project
Andrew Hollander: Feeding the Hungry

Maddie Fabricant: The Frances Foundation
Jack Rose: Protecting the Environment

Robert Greenberg: After School with K-3
Eva Rondon: Honoring the Elderly at Gateway

Jessica Weltz: Cleaning Lake Takannasee
Eliana Swartz: Song and Music for Seniors

Blake Oglensky: the Ronald McDonald House
Jake Cameron: Remember Us

Isabella Ologuera: Special Needs Swim Program
Marc Hall: Challenger Baseball League

Max Bloomfield: 700 Books for the Boys and Girls Club
Eric Black: Fair Haven First Aid Squad

Jacob Black: Brandwine volunteer
Wil Wiener: Camp ToBelong

Sophia Wiener: Little Silver Public Library
Evan Boser: Children’s Advocacy Center

Ben Fisher: Latch-Key Kids
Michael Egner: Mentoring a young boy through love and devotion

Alison Chomsky: Wayside School Homework Club
Andrew Kaye: Boys and Girls Club of Red Bank

Julie Gillet: Nursery School volunteer
Sallie Haas: Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Cancer Center

Chad McClelland: Candy at Halloween for Troops Abroad
Remi Cros: St. Barnabas Burn Center

Austin Dobrzynski: Advocacy Center in Freehold
Ian Dobrzynski: Advocacy Center in Freehold

Emma Dobrzynski: Advocacy Center in Freehold
Charlie Fabricant: WagOn Inn

Rebecca Calcitrai: Taking care of an injured horse
Veronica Woehr: Raising money by hitting home runs at the National Softball Championships

Eliza Howard: a teacher’s assistant at the Oceanport Elemetary School and the school’s after-care program
Danielle Goldwert: Supporting the JF&CS through facepainting at the beach club

Michael Pingitore: Rachael’s Renegades – raising money in honor of Rachael Gerstein to benefit the Embrace Kids Foundation
Elyssa Costello: working with children at Alphabets

John Angeles: delivering meals through the JF&CS and Ocean Township Meals on Wheels
Natalie Fisher: 5K run for the Foodbank

Sam Beson: raising money for breast cancer research in memory of Linda Beson, z”l – his grandmother
Joseph Freedman: Working with Cub Scouts

Anna Greenberg: Working at the West Long Branch Library
Adam Kawut: Working with Autistic children and surfing as well as collecting personal hygene itmes for Sandy victims

Jarred Crystal: Working to raise funds for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
Bobby Reisler: The Gold Shoelace Program

Matthew Friend: Prosthetic Socks for Veterans and War Amputees
Ryan Gerbman: Blankets and Books for the Homeless

Emma Oglensky: Smiles to Go
Erin Burtchaell: Rose’s Fund – raising money for those who cannot affort emergency pet care

Jared Babibitsky: Feeding the Hungry
Josh Miller: Ronald McDonald House

Ben Miller: Ronald McDonald House
Stefan Olaguera: Tutoring French at school

Steven Topper: Building Club of the Boys’ and Girls’ Club of Asbury Park
Brianna Wall: Working with the Elderly at the Jersey Shore Center teaching Wii and leading BINGO

Jordy Swartz: Bridge of Books Foundation
Sidney Farber: Asbury Park Baseball League

Anna Vernick: Creating a website dedicated to scoliosis and working with Bridge of Books Foundation
Sam Fisher: Helping a family clean house after Hurricane Sandy

Ben Fisher: Helping a family clean house after Hurricane Sandy
Jordan Moskowitz: teaching children to dance

Nicole Goldwert: collecting tennis equipment for underprivelged children
Rachel Wolson: donation drive to Ronald McDonald House

Marissa Feldman: working in the Clothes Pantry and the Food Pantry
Andrew Dressner: Walking for Colon Cancer

Michael Topper: Over the Rainbow Coffee House raising funds for musical children without access to instruments.

Hannah Stone: Family Promise of Monmouth County

Rachel Miller: Supporting the fight against lymphoma.
Matthew Silverman: helping kids with disabilities through Challenger Sports

Max Cameron: Donations of sports equipment through Sports Gift
Jacob Swartz: Packaging gifts for the needful for Holiday Express

Olivia Delcoure: working to protect and save tigers .
Eric Grayson: working with the residents of Brandywine for several years.

Skylar Katz: volunteering at Monmouth Medical Center
Spencer Torine: Soles for Souls

Mira Casriel: Gymnastics for Special Needs Children
Sadie Cotler: Ronald McDonald House

Gabby Goldwert: working with the Jewish Family and Children’s Service on Thanksgiving
Kasey Minsky: Nepal Earthquake Relief

Elliot Topper: Teaching and reaching young children
Raina Lambert: Teaching seniors to use iPads with her grandmother
Dianne Nashel: Teaching seniors to use iPads with her granddaughter


Kishrei HaLeiv Guide (Adobe PDF required)

Kishrei HaLev Students Guide_Part1

Kishrei HaLev Students Guide_Part2

Kishrei HaLev Students Guide_Part3

Kishrei HaLev Students Guide_Part4

Kishrei HaLev Students Guide_Part5

Kishrei HaLev Students Guide_Part6

Kishrei HaLev Students Guide_Part7

Kishrei HaLev Students Guide_Part8

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