Hineynu – It’s Our Turn


A congregation’s life is very much like a person’s-  We grow from infancy to adolescence and to maturity.  Thus, what is true for a person can truly parallel that of a congregation.


Ours is a mature congregation and as a person grows and reflects as they get older, so too do we. As a mature congregation we are in a time of reflection and of planning for the future.  To this end a small group of temple members have formed a committed core to plan a dynamic vision for the next century of our temple.


It is called “Hineinu: It’s Our Turn” -a comprehensive and encompassing initiative that will address the current challenges and opportunities that we must engage in the next century- how each of us will have the opportunity and shared responsibility to address everything from the identification and preparation of the next generation of leadership to our financial stability as well as future vision of just what Temple Beth Miriam can grow into.a true center of Reform Judaism.

In the coming months you will not only hear about  the many initiatives and programs that make up Hineynu: It’s Our Turn, but also better familiarize yourself with the new leaders emerging in this undertaking, and how each of us can be a contributor to its success.


Its success can be measured only by each of our engagement as shareholders- be a part of Jewish history, our collective experience of an inspiring and affirmative initiative that will determine our communal future! Hineinu!

Rabbi Cy Stanway
President Harry Silverman
David Nussbaum

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