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Another great experience was had at winter kallah 2010.  It took place during the huge snowstorm in New Jersey.  There we had about 3 inches of snow at most.  One thing it was extremely cold.  It was a great way to spend four days of my winter vacation, starting the 26th until the 29th.  Three things occurred during this event: the Urban Mitzvah Core (UMC) auction, the talent show, and the meeting to see if an amendment would be passed for the way to vote for the chairs on the NFTY board.  There was never a dull moment at Camp Harlem.  — Andrew Costello

This winter I had a great time again! I loved seeing all of my friends again and reconnecting with them. Also I learned so much from the programs. I had such an amazing time and cannot wait until the next kallah.  – Matthew Hall

NFTY-GER’s Winter Kallah 2010 was like no Kallah I’ve experienced before. As the longest and most jam-packed event of the year, it was also the busiest, the most stressful, and absolutely the most fun. As a member of Regional Board, I was part of the preparation since November. We worked hard to pick a theme, write our programs, and make the kallah a success. All in all, there were 6 programs over the course of this 4 day event, along with the UMC Program and auction. All of them went amazingly well.  Despite running around everywhere and having almost zero downtime, being a Regbo member at winter kallah was a remarkable experience. Hearing people talk about how much fun they were having made our hard work more than worth it. I met new friends, re-connected with old ones, and hopefully became a friend to a few new members. Now I’m counting down the days until Convention when I get to see everyone again!  – Lauren Harris

Through varied perspectives, yet consistent positive experiences, Winter Kallah has remained my favorite NFTY event. Winter Kallah is a cozy sunbeam through the snow and wind. It is a break in the madness of the school year, and it is four days of learning. This year, the perspective changed as I continue to see through my Regional Secretary lens. I had the opportunity to collaborate with the Regional President to run a meeting for all of the region to attend. We received some guidance from graduated GER Secretary and President, which was beyond helpful. I am continuing to enjoy legacy moments like that, where I can see my own impact as a leader staying strong in the future, as well. After each event, SALTY-ites who are financially supported (as well as being generally supported by the congregation) by Beth Miriam write these paragraphs. I have found writing and reading these submissions is an effective genuine exchange of gratitude back to our awesome Temple community. As Secretary, I am currently working on have other GER-ites write submissions about Winter, to spread this movement of gratitude and enthusiasm. I am going to be organizing these submissions from my Lit Team, and working to send the writings to Temples throughout the region. Thank you Beth Miriam for inspiring this idea and of course always supporting SALTY!

Peace, Love, and Gratitude,


Winter Kallah was a lot of fun. It was my second NFTY-GER event so things seemed more familiar and I saw some of the friends that I met at New Member Kallah. I also met new friends and grew closer to the people I previously met. I cannot wait to see my friends again at Convention. I would recommend  NFTY events to everyone and anyone, especially those who love meeting new people. After only two events I can say this much: NFTY-GER, I’m in love.  – Jenna Wyatt

This is my second event and I enjoyed it. I like being with friends and away from my family for the weekend. I also enjoy staying in rooms with friends and staying up late. The talent show was funny and the auction was really fun. The camp went too quick for me and I think everyone else agrees. I can’t wait until more opportunities at these camps arise. – Aaron Pingitore

The entire east coast was trapped inside their houses, staring aimlessly out the window at the snow covered ground, doing nothing, thinking  about nothing. But I and my other peers were experiencing a time full of creative services and impact sessions on how to change the world at Winter Kallah. When the coast was silenced by the snow, we were singing the beautiful words of Havdalah, all holding hands, all singing with our hearts, all opening our souls to the one candle that was lit in the center. When the streets were not getting plowed, and tension was growing in the neighborhoods, we were learning about all of the things that are possible for us. Like spending a month in our homeland Israel, or helping others for six weeks surrounded by our peers. When the time spent on television turned into the only thing to do all day due to the snow, we were learning about ourselves, our friends around us, our society around us. When the only thing to think about was counting the footprints in the snow, we were learning how we can place our life’s footprint in society today as our ancestors did for us. At Winter Kallah, we made a difference. Not even a snow storm stopped us from experiencing something that we will never forget, it only made us appreciate it more. – Jenny Laliberte

Though it was particularly cold and blustery, the warmth found in NFTY-GER’s Winter Kallah is truly inspiring. Whether it was in prayer, friendships, or programs, each one of us eventually finds ourselves.  When I am older, I know that I will look back on the memories that I’ve had through NFTY and Youth Group in general be reminded of how lucky I am for the opportunities I am given and how very very proud I am to be a jew.  – Bryce Peckman

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