I have begun a journey—an open-ended journey. If you have been coming to services regularly on Shabbat, you have already experienced some of the fruits of this journey. Beginning in the summer of 2015, I started writing my own original music for an Erev Shabbat Service.  The first piece was a Yihyu L’Ratzon. As the inspiration struck me, I continued to compose music for other prayers. Additionally, I have written a Mi Chamocha, Shema, R’tzei, and a niggun (all of which have been tried out at TBM over the course of the past year) and the outlines of several others. I still have awhile to go before I complete this journey, but there is no deadline.

As I finish pieces, I will take them for a “test ride” on a Friday Night Shabbat Service and add them to our repertoire.  My long range plan is to write the music for a complete service and pair it with original creative readings by Rabbi Cy, and to also record a professional CD and share my music with the world!

I hope you are enjoying my songs and I welcome your feedback!


Thank you,

Cantor Marnie

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