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TYG calendars 2016/2017

Presenters’ Calendar for Bar and Bat Mitzvah

Check out the TYG Bar/Bat Mitzvah Presenter Calendar

TYG calendars 2016-2017

Presenters’ Calendar for Bar and Bat Mitzvah

SALTY = (Shore Area Long Branch Temple Youth)
For all 9th-12th graders

We hold monthly meetings and event and we are also active in our regional youth group, NFTY-GER.

Advisor: STELLA JERUZALMI STANWAY 732-222-3754

For all 6th-8th graders

We hold monthly events, combining Judaism, socializing, and fun!

If you’re interested in joining the SALTeens please email Stella at

Tam Tams

For all 4th and 5th graders

We hold monthly events, geared towards having fun with your Jewish friends!

If you’re interested in joining the TamTams, call the temple at 732-222-3754 for info!


TBM has three active groups geared to three age ranges.  SALTY is for high school teens, grades 9-12.  Activities for SALTY members takes place about once a month, including sponsoring the Purim Carnival.  SALTY is a a subregional youth group and we feed into the regional Reform youth organization known as NFTY GER (Garden Empire Region), which in turn is a part of the national Reform youth group known as NFTY, National Federation of Temple Youth.  Being a part of SALTY makes teens a part of all Reform Youth organizations and completely widens their circle of Jewish connections nationwide and even world wide.

Membership to TBM is not required to join SALTY, but IS required to apply for any scholarships- this applies to all our TYGs.
SALTeens is designed for kids in grades 6,7& 8- they also have events about once a month and there is a special NFTY event for them to introduce them to the power of NFTY.  It’s not on the SALTeens calendar, but open to 6th & 7th graders is a NFTY Retreat just for them on March 31-April 2 at Camp Kutz in Warwick NY- save the date and more info will follow.
TamsTams is for kids in grades 4&5.  They also have events monthly that are geared for their age and designed to strengthen friendships and connections outside of class.  It’s a great opportunity for them to meet and get to know other Jewish kids their age and have fun too!
So please, take a look at the calendars below, make a note of the dates, ask your child to try at least two events, and to bring a Jewish friend from…wherever.
To become a member of any of our Youth Groups click on the link below:
If you’d like to join the Youth Committee, we have space, let me know!

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